September 12th, 2006

Drezzer cool

Ok Go -- Oh No!

Last night we picked up the Ok Go album, "Oh No!" (Ok Go, for those not familiar is the band best known for "that video with the treadmills" or "those kitschy guys in the back yard dancing"). Their sound reminds me of White Town, but unlike that particular one-hit wonder, most of "Oh No!" is quite listenable, whereas "Women In Technology" only had the one good song ("I Could Never Be Your Woman").

Ok Go has a lot going for it, particularly energy, creativity, and a quirky sense of humor. Plus, they really know how to make a cool video on a shoestring budget. ;)

On the other hand, they suffer the core same problem is 90% of current music, which is "two guitars and a drum set, with four guys singing two octaves each". If they can keep expanding their repertoire, and possibly add some horns or wind instruments and generally make their music more robust, they'll really be awesome. For the moment, they're still in the "better than average and showing potential" category.

-The Gneech

PS: The album was produced in Sweden by "Tore Johannsen." MSTie that I am, when I spotted this I immediately cried, "Tor Johnson???"
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