September 16th, 2006


Saturday Workout Report (Compiled Edition)

Rather than bore everyone with daily workout reports, this week I decided to bore everyone with a summary. laurie_robey and I have been hitting the DDR pretty consistently this week, doing two 45-minute sessions and one 30-minute session since Monday. Also, every day except Thursday, I've been doing three sets of 20 crunches (middle, right, and left) and 20 "3rd-step" pushups -- i.e., pushups done by placing my hands on the 3rd step of a staircase, thus angling my body at roughly 20°. I'm doing these in order to build my strength back up, as pushups are always, always, always the hardest things for me to do and the easiest for me to get disgusted and quit on. Right now I can do a full set of 20 3rd-step pushups and keep my form all right; in a week or two I'll switch to 2nd-step, then 1st-step, then back to the floor.

I haven't picked up with the Bowflex again primarily because of time -- I've been working hard to get caught up on the too-much-to-do list since D*C, so the DDR and pushups/crunches are all I've been able to shoehorn in. But even they're better than nothing.

-The Gneech
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I Am Not...

...nor have I ever been, a good bowler.

To give you an indicator of how much bowling I do, the last time I went bowling, this was a side-effect -- notice the date. As a general rule, I bowl an average of once in any given 5-year period, not because I am averse to it, but because I'm not, er, verse to it enough to do all the necessary go-to-the-alley-and-rent-the-shoesing required. As such, I approach ten frames of bowling with the attitude that if I manage to break 12 points by the end, I consider it a success.

On that footing, I had a very good evening, getting 84/99/92 over the course of three games and sustaining only minor injuries. I would guess that I was neither helped, nor particularly hindered by the fact that Saturday night is "shrill and repetitive thumpa-thumpa music and disco lights in your face" night. I was a bit hindered by the butterflies in the alley next to us who would sit around talking (or whatever they were doing) for several minutes, then suddenly one of them would remember that it was their turn and they'd run up and fire off a ball without the slightest regard for the fact that their neighbors were lining up for a shot. (laurie_robey informs me that the female butterflies were barefoot as well, which makes me wonder why the manager didn't have a few words with them.) In particular, one of the butterflies came flying up into my peripheral vision while I was approaching for a shot, causing me to abort, twist my knee, and get 3 points for that frame. I would guess that if that hadn't happened, the 99 game would have broken 100.

Ah well, it was a fun night anyhow. We had been trying to arrange Dungeons and Dragons, but camstone went off to the Scottish Games and sirfox decided to sit the evening out; maybe we can do D&D next weekend instead.

Drawing is going to be an adventure tomorrow, tho, I can tell you that much. I expect my thumb in particular to write me a scathing letter of rebuke overnight.

-The Gneech
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