September 17th, 2006

Archie do

I Want to Goof Off

Okay, tomorrow's strip is off to katayamma for coloring, and I am now seized with a compelling urge to kick back in an easy chair and spend the rest of the evening watching Nero Wolfe and sipping cocoa.

Alas, I still have a to-do list an arm long, so I can't completely fritter away the evening. But I expect I'll shift some items around in the prioritization such that what I spend the rest of the evening working on, will be stuff I can work on in the easy chair.

All work and no sitting around staring into space makes Gneech a braindead boy, and all that.

-The Gneech
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Jeeves Nazis

Here's Hoping I'm Not a Sucker

Well, I bit the bullet and got a copy of Dramatica Pro, and starting pouring the Brigid and Greg novel idea into it. I've only done the initial synopsis and brief character outlines for Brigid, Greg, Uncle Bob, and a new character provisionally named Steggles (but who will probably be named something else later).

For the theme synopsis, for lack of anything more concrete just yet, I put, "Behind every amiable chump, there's a shrew keeping him out of trouble."

Hope it works!

-The Gneech
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