October 7th, 2006


Tooth and Claw

laurie_robey and I watched last night's Doctor Who, "Tooth and Claw" this morning. Good stuff! A first-rate episode all around.

I wonder what (if any) ramifications there'll be from Victoria's exiling the Doctor. (It doesn't seem to have had much effect in "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" or all that time the third Doctor spent bouncing around ol' Blighty with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.)

I do know that Torchwood features again; heck, I know they're doing a whole spinoff series about it with Captain Jack due to be a regular, although if it was me I'd tell 'em not to bother. Does Britain really need another time-traveling eccentric and secret quasi-governmental agency dealing with menaces from time and space? You've got the Doctor, you've got UNIT, anything more is superfluous.

-The Gneech
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Boromir battle

Not Only Do You NOT Find Traps, the Lever is Made of CANDY!

Well, after what seems like forever, but was only almost forever, we got to game again tonight. It was fun, if a bit on the "workmanlike dungeon crawl" side. The heroes are still chasing after the Book of Seven Serpents, but now at least they're finally in the dungeon and not just trying to get to it. The players managed to circumvent just about every trap in the dungeon, but then again they've all been fairly obvious traps. In fact, the only one they didn't circumvent was one where, after figuring out the puzzle, jamesbarrett deliberately set off the trap anyway, apparently just to be sure.

This session did have one of my particular favorite set-pieces, tho, the rickety rope bridge. This time the monstrous threat was garillons, which are sort of four-armed versions of Mighty Joe Young, with a bad temper. My personal favorite encounter of the night however was with the ghostly remnant of their bitter-enemy-turned-unwilling-ally, Vormorax the Dragonpriest, who was very disappointed that Verdhaven the undead-phobic monk-cleric was the only one to be terrified by his terrifying moan ability. I always like it when Vormorax makes an appearance ... it gives the adventure a certain "old-home-week" kind of feeling. It's also fun because while he is under orders to help the PCs, he's under no obligation to like it -- and he doesn't -- so while his assistance is valuable, it comes at the price of having to deal with him being snarky at them. "You bloody well killed me, and now I'm being forced to assist you from beyond the grave. You'll understand if I'm a bit bitchy about it, won't you?" ;) It's a fun vibe.

The PCs are getting up there in level now, and they can routinely roll high 20's and 30's with their specialties ... I need to keep that in mind as I'm designing adventures. They can also soak up pretty good amounts of damage, Dragor in particular. So when I'm designing encounters, I've got to keep in mind that if I'm not careful, the monsters will be dead by the end of the first round and never have got off a shot. Or at least, not a significant one.

But now ... bed!

-The Gneech
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