October 13th, 2006


Sarah Jane!

Tonight's episode of Doctor Who is "School Reunion," in which he is reunited with Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 -- W00t! :) For those who don't know the circumstances of Sarah Jane's rather abrupt removal from the TARDIS, here it is on YouTube.

Sarah Jane, like Rose, traveled with the Doctor from one regeneration to the next and was quite chummy with the ol' timelord. With the possible exception of Romana, Sarah Jane was probably the Doctor's closest equal in both brains and moxie. So hurrah for a return appearance!

-The Gneech

PS: Yes, I know I could have watched the whole episode on YouTube by now -- but I wanna see it on TV, dangit!

PPS: This is also assuming that YouTube works. It's been acting wonky at me all day!
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D'Aww! ^.^

What a good episode! :) A very cool villian (now I see why there were rumors that Anthony Head was going to be playing The Master -- he'd be perfect), Sarah Jane and K-9 making all the fanboys squee, and for once the "relationship mush" a) wasn't overbearing, and b) wasn't junk. This time, the soppy stuff hit the spot. The TARDIS dematerializes and there's good old K-9 ... pure schmaltz, but it worked on me. *sniffle*

The in medias res beginning worked very well for this episode, and I'm quite liking David Tennant as The Doctor. His performance tonight was suggestive of Doctor Eight's childlike joy at finding a pair of shoes that really fit.

Mind you, if Elizabeth Sladen was willing, I'd be all over Sarah Jane becoming a regular again. What a gal! But this is good too. :) I get the impression that, having won over "the general audience" with the first season, Davies is now trying to win over the Who fans who didn't like way the first season made a point of disassociating itself from the past. "Look!" he's saying. "Here's Sarah Jane! Here's K-9! Here's the middle eight bridge back in the closing credits! [1] It's the Doctor, the good old Doctor, really!"

To me, that's a Very Good Thing. :) I never once wanted a "hip, new Doctor" -- I wanted my silly old Doctor with modern production values!

-The Gneech

[1] Not detectable on the SciFi channel 'cause they murder the credits, damn them, but I've seen the closing credit sequence on YouTube.

PS: Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody! ^.^ I've had a terrific day.

PPS: Yes, I know Sarah Jane is getting a new series on her own, sans K-9. She would have gotten a series last time except the BBC likes to shoot itself in the foot. :P
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