December 21st, 2006

Legolas Aaah


As real life makes it very difficult for the entire group to get together regularly, I was thinking of running a "core four" fill-in game for laurie_robey, jamesbarrett, and hantamouse. Among other ideas, I was thinking of using Fantasy HERO as the game system, being a HERO grognard from way back, so I went to the HERO website and put together a "bring myself up to date" package...

Shopping Cart Contents
Product Name                       Cost
HERO System Sidekick Revised     $14.99
HERO System Combat Handbook      $24.99
Fantasy Hero - PDF               $22.99
Hero System Bestiary             $24.99
Hero Designer v3                 $25.00
HD Bestiary Character Pack       $ 6.99
HD Fantasy Hero Character Pack   $ 8.99
Total: 7 items in your cart    ($128.94)

That's an expensive fill-in campaign. Of course, I could just stick with the 4th Edition (hey, it still works), but I am all drooly over the character-building software.

Or I could just stick with D&D.

Hmm. Must ponder.

-The Gneech
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