January 23rd, 2007

No Drama Zone

Hit the Ground Running

Plane got in ~45 minutes ago; laurie_robey picked me up and I had just enough time to change my clothes -- now we're going to hit Starbucks for breakfast and I have to go pick up my brother for his appointment to get his arm brace adjusted.

Sleep? No, I won't be doing that. So sorry!

-The Gneech
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Kero asleep


My mom is still not well and my sister is stressing out from trying to act as her would-be nurse without much in the way of support from my dad or my brother. I'm leaning towards hiring some kind of private nurse for a couple of weeks, since my mom has so many wonky medications that all have to be taken under such specific circumstances (in the morning, after a meal, unless it's Wednesday).

Apparently they (the doctors that Betsy took my mom to over the weekend) were concerned that she might be having a stroke, so they ran a CAT scan on her, which came up negative. But then they left her in a quarantine room adjacent to the ER for hours on end while they tried to work out the logistics of getting her a hospital room, and in the end gave up because of all the weird conditions required and sent her home.

Now my mom is not getting all of her prescribed medications, because my dad doesn't have the faculties to remember all the details, and my brother is too busy sitting in the living room, smoking and watching "South Park" -- at least, that's how my sister describes the situation. Of course, he does have a broken arm, which makes it hard for him to do much physical stuff, but he could at least help keep track of the pills. I suspect the main reason he hasn't is that nobody's asked him to and it just doesn't occur to him to volunteer.

Anyway, the net result of all of this is that I will probably spend a lot more of my time in the next few weeks dealing with family health issues; don't be surprised if SJ and possibly NN get sidelined while I am taking care of all this.

There was a little good news today, tho; as some or all of you may know, the house we were trying for fell through ... today we looked at another one that is even nicer and which we will probably put an offer on tomorrow. But I'm not telling you where it is, in case any of you envious NoVA types try to snatch it out from under us! ;P More details about it later. Right now, I need some more rest.

-The Gneech

PS: I'm just kidding about that "envious" thing, you know that right?
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