January 29th, 2007

Keitaro Holy Crap

Must -- Not -- Climb -- Walls!

Granted, it's only 24° outside, but it looks like a bright blue beautiful day out there, and after getting so much stuff DONE on the weekend, I feel like I'm completely wasting my time sitting here in this cubicle!

I'm not, actually, I'm doing a very specific task here (i.e., "pay for the house, the cons, the t-shirts, printing stuff...") -- but it's very hard to convince myself of that. I have so much stuff I wanna -DO-, and none of it involves doing webpages for NIMH!

It's weird, how I get a profound sense of accomplishment when I finish a writing or art project, whereas I get absolutely nothing from "earning the daily bread" except, y'know, bread.

Oh well, maybe I'll do some sketching over my lunch break. I gotta do SOMETHING to keep from feeling like I've wasted a whole day!

-The Gneech
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Yay, Fanservice! Oh, Wait, I'm at Work 0.o

The problem with calling up pics from Danger Girl for reference/inspiration on this image I'm working on, is that Danger Girl has a worrying tendency to skate the thin line between fanservice and softcore porn. 0.o

Stay worksafe, Google! Stay worksafe!

On the other hand, DG was exactly the right place to go for this. Tiffany and/or Leona fans, watch this space!

-The Gneech
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Ping mooncat!

Check your e-mail! :)

For that matter, anybody who knows Mooncat, ask her to check her e-mail, in case she doesn't read my LJ. :) Thanks!

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