January 31st, 2007


Hey, Didn't I Draw You?

Tall ... high fashion wardrobe ... lots of curly brown hair ... runway walk...

No doubt about it. That was Tiffany Tiger in the elevator this morning.

She could have at least said "Hello." How rude!

-The Gneech
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Kero Power Tie

More Good News :)

My mom is much better; she's been sleeping well and is now bright and perky and goes into her usual random nonstop take-no-breaths and brook-no-interruption lectures about genealogy or local history now, so that's another worry I can move off of the active list and onto the back burner list.

Things are constantly improving. :) I am pleased.

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Six Million Dollar Man


laurie_robey was in one room, working remotely from on her laptop while she watched Doctor Who on DVD.

I was downstairs, watching Star Trek: The Animated Series on DVD on my laptop while I drew my webcomic.

I was so struck by this observation, that I felt compelled to write about it in my LiveJournal, so all my internet pals in various other states and other countries (and other hemispheres) could read about it.

So yeah, no flying cities. But there are other compensations.

-The Gneech
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