February 18th, 2007

Taishi Conquest

Strolling Down Memory Lane

Down to 285 pending transcriptions on OhNoRobot! and time to take a break. Among other things, this has taken me back through the "DOVER@DEMONTFORT.EDU" crossover with Class Menagerie. Man, how times have changed!

  • The Class Menagerie is retired now, le sigh! I loved that strip like nobody's bidness and I still miss it today. And as much as I love and admire Vince's current project, TCM will always have a special place in my heart.

  • My art has radically improved since then. A lot of the action in and around Richter Hall particularly, I could do 100% better now. On the other hand, some of it holds up better than I expected.

  • I was working at Starbucks and just starting to come out of the worst of my depression. Poor Vince ended up doing something like half again as many strips as I did for that, as either the job would knock me down for the count, or the depression would instead. I'm much more reliable these days!

I wonder what it would come out like, if we were doing it today. We occasionally talk about doing more collab projects, but it's sorta like Spielberg and Lucas talking about Indiana Jones IV -- believe it when you see it!

-The Gneech