March 3rd, 2007


The Dunk Has Been Slammed

Achieved today:

  • Ordered dining room set.

  • Ordered new living room chair.

  • Got replacement for broken Camry key.

  • Got extra copy of new house key.

  • Bought rugs and pads for studio in new house.

  • Bought new multi-position stepladder for new house.

  • Bought electric screwdriver.

  • Installed rugs and pads for studio in new house. Bonus early finish item!

  • Got smoke detectors for new house.

  • Assembled new office chair.

  • Secured loose window pane.

  • Got birthday present for sirfox.

  • Got new miniature for Arshan.

  • Tried ginger beer for the first time.

  • Got a 12" Deluxe Legolas from WETA/Sideshow.

The only thing on the list for today that didn't get done was the address changes with the DMV -- but if we'd stood in that line we wouldn't have gotten any of the other stuff done. We'll go back some weekday night when it's slower! But having the rugs in place and ready to receive furniture (so to speak) makes up for that and then some, giving today a 110% achievement rating.

Tomorrow -- we pack. And do laundry.

G'nite, world, and have an awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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