March 5th, 2007

Kero asleep

Advil, Take Me Away! *whunk*

Yesterday was not real productive. I managed to be up and about in time for sirfox's party (Happy birthday, dude -- today is the next day of the rest of your life! ;) ), but that was the extent of it during the day. When we got back from that I packed up 90% of my gaming stuff, five boxes worth, which was surprisingly exhausting.

My back is not in a happy place. I'm hoping that copious amounts of Advil and regular ministrations by the lovely and gracious laurie_robey with the massager will keep my vertebrae in working order long enough to get us moved. Once we're moved, if it goes out, it goes out, and I'll have nobody to blame but myself. Just get me there, spine, that's all I ask!

I'll probably end up starting chiropractic sessions again, but it will have to be on my own dime since my insurance company would rather pay to repair a broken back at the emergency room, than for regular (and much cheaper) sessions getting tune-ups. Oy. At least the new Bowflex is on the way, that will help.

In the egoboo department, Comixpedia asked me to be a front-page blogger, so apparently my half-vast rambles appealed to them. ^.^ I have to decide if I'm up to the task or not, but it's kinda hard to think about during the move.

Erf. I may call in sick today. I'll have to think about it. I guess I shoulda brought the new office chair back to the apartment instead of taking it over to the house, so I could work from home comfortably. Owie.

-The Gneech
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Kero asleep

Achievement for Today

  • Ordered blinds for the studio window

  • Took six boxes of stuff to the house.

  • Got rug tape.

  • Got weatherstripping for the back door.

  • Got electric socket insulators for exterior walls.

Not a huge day, but good enough considering.

In case anyone was wondering about my EverQuest query from earlier, I was just curious 'cause EQ was THE thing to do for a while, but WoW knocked it from its perch, so I was hoping that EQ might be a way to avoid the stoopid that's so prevalent in the whole MMO scene. If I could find a low-population, RP-snob-filled MMO I might try it just because it's so difficult to find any other CRPGs any more ... but, with all due apologies to Smrgol and Kamau, the one time I tried WoW it was so "everything bad I ever suspected about MMOs confirmed" that I can't imagine trying it again. I honestly don't see what appeal anybody sees in it. It's neither a good CRPG, nor a good social venue. As far as I could make out, it was just a mess.

Ah well. The only reason I have any time to even contemplate a new game is because the strip's on hold while I'm moving, and that's only going to be a few weeks. So I'm probably better off without it anyway.

But now, it's bedtime. I expect to be working from home to rest my back tomorrow. G'nite, world!

-The Gneech
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