March 7th, 2007


Sure, C'Mon In and Look at Our Stuff

Well, we've had our first "people come to look at the apartment" incident today. Unfortunately, the agent didn't call first as he was supposed to, apparently being under the impression that the place is vacant. It just happened to be coincidence that I was working from home to rest my back. The agent was very apologetic and gave me a few minutes to get the laundry and my lunch dishes under cover, but still. Meh.

Oh well, we knew it was coming.

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OMG Bowflex!

We make daily trips over to the house to take stuff over, check the mail etc.; today's trip turned up the surprise of FIVE BIG HONKIN' BOXES out on the porch from Nautilus Inc.

Yup, the Bowflex has arrived. 0.o Exactly eight days after I ordered it. Way to go, Bowflex! But I was rather expecting to be moved in before it would arrive. If I wasn't so obsessive about checking the place every night, it'd still be sitting out there on the porch.

Don't know when I'll have a chance to actually put the thing together. But we'll get to that part sooner or later.