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March 19th, 2007

Adventures in Homeowning

I find it more than a little amusing that all the stuff I left 'til last 'cause I needed ready access to it (sleeping clothes, toothpaste) is lost away in some unmarked box somewhere, while the things I packed first because I didn't really need them at the time (such as my dress shirts) are already unpacked and hanging in the closet.

-The Gneech, who can't shave until he finds his razor


If Only I Were a Groundhog

I see my shadow. Can I go back to bed for three months?


Not So Magnificent

Back in November I ordered some miniatures from Magnificent Egos, a trendy semi-new minis company, paying via Paypal. Weeks passed, and the miniatures didn't come. It got to be a month, the miniatures still didn't come.

Their website (at the time) had a feedback form. I filled out the feedback form asking for a status report on my order.


More nothing.

Still more nothing.

I e-mailed the contact listed on my Paypal receipt.


More nothing.

Still more nothing.

Well, now I'm moving and my old address is not going to be valid for much longer. So I investigated a bit today and found that (a) they have pulled down their online catalog, replacing it with links to Paizo publishing, and (b) their "company blog" (which hasn't been updated since early Feb) lists the e-mail of a new company president. So I re-sent my "Hey, send me my minis or my money back please!" e-mail, copying new president on it, mentioning that I have a new address, as well as posting to the Paizo customer service message boards asking for their help in the matter.

If I don't hear back by Wednesday, I'll look into what kind of pressure I can get Paypal to bear on them. At this stage, I'd be just as happy to have my $46 back and be done with it.

-The Gneech

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