April 14th, 2007

Legolas Nah

Hobbits On the Make

Had an interesting experience in LOTRO last night ... I was hit on by a hobbit.

Friday nights on the server I've been playing on, there's a regular 9 pm congregation at the Prancing Pony in Bree, so once we finished dealing w/ Buddha I decided to sign on and check it out. However, as I was in Celondim last, I had to cross the Shire to get there.

Halfway across the Shire I stopped in at Bywater (home of the Green Dragon) for a few minutes, where I encountered a hobbit lass, which is hardly surprising. What did surprise me was when she started following me around the town. I said hello, and began to converse with her a bit. I told her about the party in Bree and that I was on my way there, and was a bit surprised when she decided to "/flirt", but didn't think much of it, just smiled and waved and said I'd see her at the party. (I was taking the slow route by way of any ore I could find to make my throwing axes).

Once I got out of the Shire and into Bree-land, I was about halfway to the village when I got an IM from the hobbit lass saying that she was just across the Brandywine Bridge but afraid to venture further into the realm because of all the bears near the road. (Which, I admit, is pretty intimidating when you're 9th level as she was.) So I said I'd go back and escort her. Before I could get there, however, she was found by one of the Waywatchers of Cardolan (I think it was), who offered to escort her. Oh well, just a few minutes shaved off of my trip, no biggie.

The hobbit, her escort, and I all got to the Prancing Pony in Bree at roughly the same time, and the party was in full swing. There were lots of people in full RP mode swapping tall tales about ents and such, as well as a duo of musicians playing up a storm. (I love the LOTRO music system, I will say that.) The hobbit lass hung out in the same part of the room I was in and occasionally sent IMs my way, culminating in another "/flirt". I smiled and mentioned that "My beloved [made up elf chick name] would not appreciate if I flirted back."

The hobbit lass made a "sad" emote, said, "What a shame, and you were so handsome!" and immediately took off. I responded that there were plenty of others more handsome than myself, to which she replied "Indeed..." but she was already engaged in conversation with somebody else.

As befit a 1000-year old elf, I was amused. :) I've never been a hot potato before!

-The Gneech