April 23rd, 2007


And Then the Weekend Was Gone

In case you haven't heard, Buddha is fine and will be coming back to us tonight to recover.

This weekend was more productive than it felt like it was, but that's largely because the stuff we got done was all stuff we would rather have not had to deal with in the first place. We got haircuts (whoopee), we assembled the Bowflex (but there are issues; more details later), and we shopped all over western Fairfax county for a lawn mower, finally giving up and ordering it from Amazon. -.-

We did get some gaming in (huzzah) and I finally got some decent scripts written for NeverNever and Suburban Jungle -- those are about the only things that felt like they were worth the effort. But now the weekend is gone.

Le sigh.

bigtig made a post that describes exactly and in detail how I've been feeling lately, but he has it friends-locked. I hope he won't object if I pull out a small snippet:

So many things have changed and moved out from under you when you move. And so many other things continue going strong. All the promises you make and work you must keep doesn't slow down as you're still unpacking boxes. ... But even in little things I find myself desiring stability and quiet. So much has changed as of late, something as simple as swapping a lunch location or adding an errand in mid-transit can rub the wrong way. It is really weird. I try to keep a good handle on my head and hopefully keep the silly emotions appropriately squared away.

Ah well. It will improve. I just have to get through it. As it is, I'm going to be late for work if I don't finish up this post and get going ... so I'll just leave you with a little something snagged from kinkyturtle: Secrets of the Magic 8-Ball Revealed!

-The Gneech
Torey Rave

Because I Need Cheerin' Up

I said, "Hey operator
please give us a hand
You gotta help us out
'cause we're the
Telephone Band

Callin' all people
that are sittin' at home
put some rockin' and rollin'
on the telephone!"

Yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah, OW!

The Telephone Rock!

-The Gneech
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Jeeves Unsuitable


Guys on bicycles in pressed white shirts and carrying backpacks:

I don't go around to your house trying to convince you to be agnostic leaning towards Taoism and reincarnation.

I would appreciate it if you would extend to me the same courtesy.

-The Gneech
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