May 11th, 2007

Kero Confused

Lookit the pretty colors...

The Benadryl is definitely doing strange things to my brain. Not severe, just insidious. Like I tried to type in "<ul>" and typed in "My" instead. Then I slipped into a half-dream that my computer had rebooted.

So this is why they tell people not to drive! I wonder how many of the loonies around here ignore it. Would explain a lot.

-The Gneech
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Party Guy

Happy Birthday, russ_da_roo!

For your present, here's today's Forgotten English!

Money scattered for children to scramble for on the occasion of a marriage.
--William Grant's Scottish National Dictionary, 1941

In some of the villages, it was usually the custom for children to assemble round the door and demand ba-siller, when a few coppers given them.
--Walter Gregor's Echo of Olden Times, 1874

Feast Day of St. Gengulf,
a patron of cuckolds and the unhappily married. William Walsh's Curiosities of Popular Customs (1897) pointed out these curious facts about marriages: "Not two percent of the marriages in the midland district of England are celebrated on Friday. On the other hand, in Scotland nine-tenths of the marriages occur on that day. ... According to the Registrar-General of Scotland, there are more marriages in that land celebrated on the last day of the year than in all the rest of the year put together, yet when the last day of the year happens to be on a Saturday, no one gets married on it."

Kero Power Tie

Feeling Much Better! =)

Well, I don't know if it's the Benadryl, the Allegra, or both, but I am rapidly improving! Over the course of lunch it felt like I was going through a regeneration cycle or something. I'm still a little muddleheaded from the Benadryl, but even that's not so bad. No worse than a day after not getting enough sleep, anyhow.

My eyes are still a little runny, and I think there are some skin abrasions from me rubbing at them which are still a little sore. But I can keep my eyes open, and I can breathe without wheezing! Both of which are big steps forward. So I'm hopeful that this trend will continue.

As you might expect, I'm pretty bucked about it. :) And I'm also feeling a lot more hopeful about the prospects of keeping Buddha around. I know he'd like to stay, and that we'd both like to keep him if we can. But we won't know really until I've been to the primary physician and talked about long-term solutions.

Even if he can't, he's already made vast improvements himself and shouldn't be too hard to place now, even with the FIV. It's hard to believe that this and this are the same cat! Just shows what some TLC can do. :)

-The Gneech
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Rastan Kill Monsters


Wanna play in a new game. Or even an old game. Point is, wanna play. That's not gonna happen 'til the 26th at the earliest, le sigh.

Wanna paint minis. Don't know when that's gonna happen.

One thing I can do, is go to Game Parlor tonight. That I can do.

-The Gneech
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No Drama Zone

Eye Goo

Buddha really hates having that goo put in his eyes. And as you might expect, we really hate having to put it in there.

-The Gneech
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Shaoran WTF

Stretch What?

For some reason, people around here have just started going nuts with stretch cars. Stretch limos? Old hat. Now we get stretch Hummers, stretch sports cars, stretch SUVs ... I'm waiting for the stretch motorcycle.

Tonight, tho, I saw one that made me do a double-take: it was a stretch '57 Chevy. 0.o

How many normal '57 Chevys had to die to make that aberration, I wonder?

-The Gneech
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