May 22nd, 2007

Kero asleep


I need to clear away the stuff that's in the way of the stuff I want to clear away.

I knew I wasn't actually going to get any mini painting done tonight, but I kinda wanted to get an area set up so that I could paint minis there tonight.

Unfortunately, the presence of Buddha changes things. I can't leave that stuff out, particularly the scenery pieces or small bits, because he might chew on them and get sick, get stuff caught in his throat, who-knows-what. We already have to keep shooing him away from power cables.

So if I want to have my mini-painting stuff set up in a feasible work area, it needs to not be Buddha-accessible, which would mean either the Bowflex room (except then where would I put the Bowflex?), the library (which would make it much more crowded than we'd like it to be, or possibly the garage (which would suck bigtime if I wanted to paint minis in, say, August or February). So I shifted a bunch of boxes around, thought in circles for a while, then shifted the boxes back in a frustrated sulk.

Meanwhile, it's worth mentioning that I am severely disappointed in the design of this Bowflex. I haven't even used the thing yet because I've been running all over the whole of creation for the past two months. But now that I've assembled it and seen how it works, I want my money back. -.- You change the resistance by adding or removing these "resistance cartridges," which are about the size and weight of -- you guessed it -- the weight you would add to a barbell. Which kinda negates the whole friggin' point. Hooking or unhooking resistance rods was the height of convenience compared to this, and now I feel like a complete sucker for not having simply bought a regular Bowflex.

Le sigh.

-The Gneech
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