May 23rd, 2007


(spooky wind noises)

Well the allergies have receded, and the cough is greatly reduced. Aside from being even sleepier than I usually am, the only thing wrong with me is that I've lost my voice. If I am just sitting around tap-tapping on the keyboard as usual, it's not an issue. But people keep asking me stuff, or saying hello, or doing other things that invite comment, only to be met with a kind of awkward silence as I can't speak in response.

I can whistle, snap, clap, make ticking noises or squeal like the air slowly coming out of a pinched balloon, but that's about it. If I absolutely must talk, I can only do it in a breathless whisper that makes me sound vaguely like a ghost.

It's one of those things, like you don't realize how much you use your vision until you try going through a day blindfolded ... you don't realize how important the ability to vocalize is until you can't do it. I can't phone up the doctor for my next appointment, I can't tell the guy at the lunch counter what kind of sandwich I want, I can't tell Buddha he's a good kitty (or a bad one, as applicable), etc. If my phone rings, I just sort of look at it as if to say, "Yeah, what do you want?" Normally, I'm also prone to doing impressions and funny voices, or singing obscure old songs, neither of which I can do at the moment, leaving me feeling vaguely "off".

I presume this is a temporary result of having gunk on my vocal chords, and will go away sooner or later. Meanwhile, at least I have an excuse to not talk to my boss. ;)

-The Gneech
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"How did your parents die, anyway?" asked Brigid.

Greg didn't respond for a moment, then finally said in an unusually cold tone, "A truck fell out of the sky on them."


"They were riding down the freeway when a great big 18-wheeler came flying off an overpass in front of them and they couldn't stop in time to avoid it. My mom, who was driving, was killed instantly; my dad lingered on a few days but never regained consciousness. Which may have been just as well, considering."

Brigid winced. "Yikes," she said.

"In a word," Greg replied. "What forensics they could do on the driver didn't turn up anything untoward; their best guess was that he fell asleep at the wheel. No doubt the jolt of going over the guardrail woke him back up again, but by that time his only feasible course of action was to plunge thirty feet to a fiery death." Brigid nodded, and Greg continued, "So it's not like there's anything that could be done -- the one person I could get mad at was just as dead as they were. The middle finger of God again, as I say from time to time. I've put up with a lot from God over the years without complaining, but in that particular case it's always seemed to me like He was just being a jerk about it."

Brigid found herself feeling unusually awkward. She managed to say, "Wow, that sucks," which was wholly inadequate but the best she could come up with. Greg simply nodded, and went back to his scribbling.

-The Gneech

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Mad Red

Set Brains to "Stun"

Interesting that nobody's commented on the most recent Fictionlet. mammallamadevil seemed to think that everybody's stunned; my own theory is that either A) like Brigid, nobody can think of anything to say that doesn't sound awkward, or B) I've been so dull to read lately that people are just gliding over my posts. That's okay -- if it's A, then I'll take that as a compliment, and if it's B, then I don't blame them. :)

Spent a nice relaxing evening rating things on Netflix, to see what if any effect it would have on my recommendations. Totally unproductive, but just exactly the kind of "turn your brain off so your mind can work" activity I've needed in a big way lately.

I've also been reading On Writing by Stephen King since Monday; I'm about 3/4 of the way through it now. It's a mixed bag, but overall I'm enjoying it. If nothing else, it's interesting to hear the work habits of one of the most popular writers EVAR from their own, er, keyboard. It's also fun to read what he likes and dislikes (likes: Harry Potter; dislikes: Bridges of Madison County).

I'm not quite ready to pick up the blue pencil again yet. I expect that to come over the weekend. Right now I'm concentrating on my health (physical and mental) first.

-The Gneech
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