July 1st, 2007


Welcome to the U.S.! Now Get in the Car.

Well, due to the unfortunate circumstance of having been delayed in Amsterdam for 24 hours, film2edit brought panthras around last night at 5:00. As one of the purposes of his visit was to get to Pla-Za for markers, and as they closed at 6:00, we immediately all piled into laurie_robey's car and ran like rabbits, pausing only long enough for Pan to accidentally swallow a bug.

So Pan rode in a plane from Amsterdam to Virginia, stood in line for an hour for his mandatory beating for having the bad taste to be a foreigner check by Homeland Security, rode in a car from the airport to my place, rode in another car to Pla-Za, over to the Vienna/Dunn Loring Trader Joe's, and then back to my place.

Yeah, he was a little zoned.

By the time we got back to the house, jamesbarrett, sirfox, and camstone were there for D&D, as well as mooivos who just came to see Pan. We ordered pizza and had a little impromptu YouTube Watching Party, and much fun silliness ensued.

Unfortunately, as The Guys were there for gaming (and because it's so seldom we get to have a regular session), we kinda had to get started on that. Chilly and Pan had a 2-hr drive to Richmond ahead of them still anyway, so the evening ended all too soon. I felt bad about sort of "abandoning" my guests for D&D, but we're hoping to have a more relaxed visit with them post-AC.

Speaking of AC, here's Care and Feeding of The Gneech at AC since it's going around:

I can take care of myself, thanks. ;) Similarly, don't feed me or I might accidentally bite you through the bars.

-The Gneech
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