September 23rd, 2007

Rastan Kill Monsters

Finally, Enough Gaming!

More of sirfox's "Furry D&D" last night. Even by my very low standards, it was a Bad Dice Night. Very consistently, I would figure out some extremely slim chance of failure, and get exactly that. ("I'll only miss on a 4 our lower!" *rolls a 3* Later: "Finally, I hit something!" *rolls 3d6 for damage, gets a 4*)


Still, it was a fun session. Arshan is a fun character to play, sort of like a leonid version of Charlie the Unicorn, nine feet tall and wielding a flaming battleaxe. This group is such a motley collection of eccentrics that there's always something to play off of, whether it's camstone trying to pick jamesbarrett's pockets, or stuffing hantamouse into Arshan's backpack like Yoda riding around on the back of Luke Skywalker.

Unfortunately, the game went on 'til 11:00 and we still didn't finish the current adventure -- but at least we made significant progress, having gotten to what I suspect is the bottom of the dungeon and the big source of all the bad mojo leaking out of the ziggurat. We also got to level up -- which is a good thing because even with that, I'm 23 experience points away from leveling up again next time. 0.o Third ed. is kinda wonky about levelling up super-fast, and now they're talking about making 4E level up even faster. Pfui!

Anyway, after that session ended, I signed on to LOTRO -- after such a long dry period in gaming, by the end of the tabletop session I was just getting warmed up. As I was working my way into an area where I had a bunch of quests, I got pinged by somebody running by, "Darknine has invited you to join a Fellowship. Will you join? Y/N" Normally, I am not inclined to get into pickup groups, but this group was fairly large, at close to my level, and was heading in the right direction, so I decided, "Why not?"

Best decision I could have made! Pretty much everyone in the fellowship had the same stack of grindey quests that I did, and in short order we took care of two of them. Unfortunately, the minstrel (healer in LOTRO, as you don't get wounded, just "lose morale") had to leave, but the fellowship leader called upon a pal of his who was a 42 level (or so) wizard. Holy cats. 0.o

Well, as you might expect, we tore through that stack of quests with her on board! Although my character is a Champion (i.e., melee guy), the foes were dropping before I could get to them so I just gave up on that and used my bow the whole time. I'm not sure exactly how many quests we completed, but it was at least six. However many it was, it was enough that I levelled up halfway through and didn't notice.

Of course, quests come in chains in LOTRO, so with one exception every one I turned in gave me another one back. But now that I'm 25th (W00t) and have upgraded weapons and armor, maybe I can finally go back and do that stupid 16th level instance and survive it.

-The Gneech