September 24th, 2007

Leonard machismo

Chainsaw On a Stick!

If you've been following this LJ for a while, you probably know that we're still settling into a new house, and that has led us to a new experience: yardwork.

In particular, we have a largish thing which we call the Bee Bush (technically speaking it's a Daphne bush) which has, slowly but steadily over the course of the summer, been attempting to block the garage door and prevent passage into the back yard. It's also grown to something like 10' tall, which is about 3' taller than we'd like it to be.

Like any self-respecting homeowners, we figured there was only one thing to do: get a chainsaw on a stick! So one trip up the street to Home Depot later, we were ready to PWN the bush with some L337 HAX chop the hell out of it trim it back quite aggressively.

In the chainsaw's defense, it was very effective. What would have been an all-day project with pruning shears and a hand-saw only took us about two hours.

On the other hand, two hours of wielding a chainsaw on a stick wreaks havoc on your hands and arms if you aren't used to it! My biceps and grip muscles are still whimpering softly to themselves the next day. And as I am a noodlehead, it completely slipped my mind that maybe I should draw the week's strips first and then go wielding the chainsaw.

Owie. 0.o

So, as you might guess, no SJ today. I'm hoping that by tonight my grip muscles will have recovered enough that I can get something done by Wednesday.

Oh, and now we have to clean up the remains of the Daphne bush from out of the driveway. Oops.

-The Gneech
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Kero asleep

Call the Waahmbulance

What I need to do tonight:

  1. Laundry, and lots of it.

  2. Draw for Wednesday.

  3. Write scripts for susandeer

  4. Get the Bee Bush remains out of the driveway.

  5. Catch up on a project for work that's behind schedule.

What I want to do tonight:

  1. Nap.

  2. Have some tiramisu.

  3. Surf the web.

  4. Play some LOTRO or paint some minis.


-The Gneech
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