October 1st, 2007

Legolas Aaah

Okay, THAT Was Fun :)

Well, as much as I've been complaining about LOTRO in my LJ, I have to say that last night's foray was much fun. It was the last quest in a chain that is not part of the main storyline and is actually fairly easy to miss, except for all the people posting to Looking for Fellowship: "Retake Weathertop!"

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So yeah, the game can be awesome, when it wants to. I must admit that.

-The Gneech

[1] That reminds me, I ought to go back to Archet and see if the "pre-fallen" Amdir is still sitting there nursing his morgul-wound.

[2] LOTRO seems to have a recurring problem of lowballing level estimates. Remember that 16th level quest I couldn't finish 'til I was 24th? Investigation among the player base has revealed that it was just one of many.
Legolas silhouette

Rivendell is Beautiful; Wish You Were Here!

Photo-op time!

Galadhalion with Gandalf and Elrond

Galadhalion Warg-Hunter (center) with Mithrandir the Grey Pilgrim (left) and Elrond Halfelven (right), in the library of Imladris.

Big thanks to Fainan for escorting me that last stretch from the Bruinen ford to the Gates of Imladris -- I wouldn't have made it without you!

-The Gneech