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December 12th, 2007

Transmitting From Docking Station

Got a new machine at work -- specifically a laptop, now snugly docked in its little docking station which enables me to use a proper keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

I have been assiduously avoiding getting a laptop on the grounds that a) I want my work to stay at work, and b) upgrading is a pain. However, we recently purchased Adobe Creative Suite (including upgrades to Dreamweaver and Photoshop, plus new copies of Illustrator, Flash, lots of other goodies) -- and the hard drive on my old desktop was literally not large enough to hold it. Le sigh!

So now, I've got a spiffy new laptop that I get to cart to and from work every day (yaaaay), but at least I have shiny new software upgrades to go with it.

*opens Dreamweaver CS3* Ooooooh ... shiiiiiny...

-The Gneech

CSS Strangeness

How can "float: left" possibly be making the text unselectable and unclickable?

My brain hurts.

-The Gneech

EDIT: This touches on the phenomenon, except I'm using Firefox, not Safari. So far, no luck finding anything else even close.

Movie Prediction

The Mach 5 is going to be blown up in some kind of spectacular crash, presumably due to badguy sabotage.

This prediction is based on frame-by-frame viewing of the trailer, revealing that while the Mach 5 is recognizable and present (as in the icon above) about half of the race footage has Speed driving a single-seat "more suped-uppier" vehicle emblazoned with a 6 on the side instead of a 5. Presumably the Mach 6 is what he drives in the climactic "big race" at the end.

Also, that's how Hollywood thinks.

-The Gneech

EDIT: I wouldn't care really, except that the Mach 5 is the star of the show. Speed, Trixie, et al. (with the possible exception of Racer X) are all just people who also happen to be in it. You'd think the Whatsahoosis Brothers of all people would get that.

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