December 16th, 2007

Boromir battle

Double Deuce! (Or Possibly, 20 x 20...)

More Red Hand of Doom last night. This was a session with a lot of RP, as the characters convinced the folk of Drellin's Ferry (and the paralyzed-by-indecision Speaker Wiston) that the forces marching their way were not "just a couple hundred goblins," and were not going to be interested in parley.

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All in all, a good session. :) jamesbarrett's poor land-bound semi-meatshield (barbarian/druid/bard multiclass, go fig) is getting somewhat frustrated by all the flying opponents ... on the other hand, hantamouse and laurie_robey are kicking butt and taking names. Still, RHOD has a pretty wide variety of opponents ... I suspect land-bound types will have plenty to do in upcoming sessions as well.

-The Gneech