January 2nd, 2008


Happy birthday, pocket_entropy!

For your present, here's today's Forgotten English (© Jeffrey Kacirk):

A portion of a dish left by the guests, that the host may not feel himself reproached for insufficient preparation.
--Joseph Hunter's Hallamshire Glossary, 1829

A morsel left in a dish to avoid the imputation of greediness.
--T. Ellwood Zell's Popular Encyclopedia, 1871

Bank Holiday (Scotland)
Feast Day of St. Macarius,

a fourth-century patron of cooks. The anonymous English author of Don't: A Manual of Mistakes & Improprieties (c. 1880) confirmed the old manners-bit custom mentioned above, explaining, "Don't devour the last mouthful of bread, the last morsel of food. It is not expected that your plate should be sent away cleansed by your gastronomic exertions." But in the latter nineteenth century, according to Alfred Ayres' The Mentor (1884), a new paradigm developed in which taking the last tidbit was encouraged as a means of displaying confidence in one's host: "Do not hesitate to take the last piece on a dish or the last glass of wine in a decanter simply because it is the last. To do so is to indirectly express the fear that you would exhaust the supply."

See also "nobody ever wants the last cookie/slice of pizza". But I gotta say, in re: reading "you don't have enough food" into taking the last whatever, it sounds to me like some of those 1880s hosts were looking for things to get offended about.

-The Gneech

The Same Old Future

Paraphrased conversation from this morning, posted here mainly 'cause I thought it was interesting.

Context: Riding to work, listening to Yaz on the Sirius radio.

laurie_robey: Wow. Back in the '80s, this would have seemed impossible. Satellite radio, the internet...

the_gneech: Back in the '80s, it was impossible, or we would have had it. The technology was still being developed.

laurie_robey: I just mean, it would have seemed too "futuristic".

the_gneech: It is the future! It's 2008 already! We just missed out on the flying cars.

laurie_robey: (laughs)

the_gneech: We're supposed to have had a colony on Mars and at least two nuclear holocausts by now.

-The Gneech

Too Much To Do List, With Ramblings

Digression: Don't randomly deprecate stuff without providing a replacement first! Like, say, the "start" attribute for the OL tag! Harumph. End Digression

Sometime around Dragon*Con my beloved Clié fell into a grey hole and disappeared, never to be seen again. I have since found out that the PDA market in the U.S. has effectively imploded. Apparently, if you want an electronic notepad, you're pretty much expected to have it be part of your phone these days. Pfui. So I've decided to get myself "the best of what's left" -- which as far as I can tell boils down to a Palm T/X.

Unfortunately, when it evaporated, my Clié took my most recent Too-Much-To-Do List with it. A little accident involving Buddha, a frappuccino, and the synch cradle prevented me from doing any backups all summer ... so I'm going to have to add stuff to the list as I remember it. (And check the Outlook archives on TIFFANY to see if there's anything from March or whenever that still needs to be on there.)

Meanwhile, here's the list.

  1. Order a new PDA

  2. Pick up the new PDA

  3. Get more "Wellness" canned for Buddha

  4. Laundry

  5. Write SJ scripts for 01/07/08 - 01/18/08

  6. Draw SJ for 01/07 and 01/09

  7. Take load to Salvation Army

  8. Take exercise bike to same

  9. Organize Bowflex room

  10. Reinstall/configure iTrainer

  11. Get wall calendar for work

  12. Dover "Set Cheer" button

  13. Printing for either Cake Portfolio or individual prints (package deal sale?)

  14. Rooming arrangements for AC

  15. Carpe Diem pages

What am I forgetting, those of you out there who might know?

-The Gneech
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Six Million Dollar Man


Palm T/X acquired and set up ... so far, so good. Will definitely want a cradle sooner or later. Experimenting with Outlook Express and gmail ... so far results are mixed at best. Trying to decide what to do next on e-mail reader front.

More details ... later.

-The Gneech

PS: Bought new bag for work laptop, to replace both old satchel (getting kinda beat up) and insufficient Dell freebie case provided by work.

PPS: Don't know why not using subject in any sentences. May be looney.
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