January 23rd, 2008

Yue Bishonen

Speaking of Cons...

I'm going to do my best to attend Katsucon, Otakon, or both this year. I won't have a table at either this time around, but depending on my production schedule and the vibe I get from the con, I might get one in 2009*.

-The Gneech

*I would like to note here, that it boggles my mind to be making plans for 2009. I'm still getting over the idea that it's not the 1990s any more.

Random Self-Critique

Dear Gneech:

When you revamp your art style for the new version of SJ, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Cut back on those huge, horizontal muzzles. They get in the way of characters' eyes!

  • Speaking of eyes, make them a tad bigger generally. Not anime-huge, but bigger than the little beads you tend to do now. (With the exception of Stretch Ferret, of course!)

  • Use more photo reference. It always improves your art by 200%.

  • Thumbnail first. Don't compose on the page.

  • When possible, put at least a week between the draft and the final product.

  • More shadows in the inks. Practice this muchly!

  • Rulers are your friend. You know you can't draw a decent straight line without one. Don't be lazy!

  • Ditto model sheets. Particularly since you're redoing all of the character designs anyway.

  • Speaking of models, work out new marking/mask sheets and stick to 'em. Try to keep the markings on the hands/feet very simple, to avoid clutter around what are already difficult areas to draw.

  • Study Sue, Vince, Herbie, iktis muchly, particularly the character designs. Look for underlying structures.

  • Your perspective sucks, except when it's great. Tighten this up.

  • Don't be afraid to get more expressionist. Make Dover skinnier, Katie chunkier, Tiffany curvier, etc. Not to the point of total distortion, but more than you do now.

  • Try to be looking at good art when you're getting ready to draw. Think about what makes it good and incorporate that!

  • Finally, don't get discouraged. Look how far you've come!

Your pal and second-harshest critic,
The Gneech

PS: Other critiques welcome. :) I'm mostly posting this here so I'll remember it.