February 17th, 2008

Keitaro Holy Crap

I Am Made of Ouch

My leg's getting worse and my back is joining in the act, so no Bowflex today. I have to recuperate from yesterday's long bouts of standing, walking, and standing some more. As predicted, laurie_robey, hantamouse, and I all went to KatsuCon yesterday. A few of my random observations about that:

  • I was very surprised to encounter a fandom that skews even younger than furries. Holy cats! I felt like a teacher on the first day of high school. Which is considerably better than I felt as a freshman on the first day of high school, but still. I wasn't expecting to be quite so outnumbered by kids. Next time I find myself thinking about age demographics in the furry fandom, I'll look back at KatsuCon and say, "Nevermind."

  • The con was small, certainly no bigger than MFM, but overall well-run, well-attended, and vibrant. On the other hand, because it was small, there wasn't that much to see. The art show in particular was tiny and rather sparse.

  • I can't help but find otaku goofing on furries to be sadly amusing.

  • The dealer room was a disappointment. While it was huge, it was also cramped, claustrophobic, had spots that permanently smelled of sewer, and basic rules of etiquette and traffic flow were nowhere to be found. I did get to renew my acquaintance with Phil Foglio there, which was a plus, but otherwise the booths fell into basically five categories: cosplay stuff of varying quality, miscellaneous chotchkis from mecha shows I'd never heard of, manga overstock, anime DVD overstock, or Yaoi/hentai overstock. Not exactly the place to go to find a new manga series to be interested in -- all of the tables were packed to the brim and you couldn't get to 'em anyway. If you knew what you wanted already, you might be able to find it, but if you knew what you wanted you could have ordered it at Barnes & Noble a long time ago, so what's the point? You could have just as easily had six tables (one for each category, plus Phil Foglio) and you would have gotten all the same selection without needing to close off part of the parking deck. For that matter, why wasn't Phil in the Webcomics Walk?

  • Who was it who wanted me to check out Mail Order Ninja? 'cause Joshua Elder and Erich Owen had a table in the no-man's land between Artist Alley and the Webcomics Walk, so I grabbed up vols I-II and totally blanked on your identity. I believe my exact words were, "Somebody from your mysterious past says hello, but for the life of me I can't remember who." Yes, I'm an airhead, this is old news. For the record, Mail Order Ninja is very silly and I enjoyed it.

  • Weighted Companion Cubes! Trendiest thing evar! Maybe they should have called it PortalCon.

Will I ever do Katsu as a working con? Not sure. Certainly not with Suburban Jungle heading into hibernation and NN's status up in the air. But maybe in the future.