February 24th, 2008

Torey Rave

Sunday Workout Report ("Rumble In the Bronx" Edition)

Inspirational video of the week, Jackie Chan's Rumble In the Bronx. I just gotta be careful not to get so wrapped up in the action, that I forget to actually do the workout.

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At 1 hour and 43 minutes, this workout is definitely too long. I shouldn't be able to watch all of Rumble in the Bronx and still have 20 minutes of workout to go. So for next week, I cut four exercises from the routine that are also in the Wednesday night routine, to reduce repetition and make the workout more manageable. If it's gonna eat my whole Sunday morning, it's more likely to be skipped than done. I also tweaked the order of the exercises to minimize the amount of machine-adjusting. The Bowflex Revolution is nowhere near as easy to adjust on the fly as the previous model I had.

-The Gneech