February 26th, 2008

Alex Spaz


I've got so many better things to do than sit here in this cubicle! Argh!

*flails helplessly*

I wanna be drawing. :P

-The Gneech
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Kero Confused


jamesbarrett (11:09:03 AM): I've come to watch you flail, i hear it's an interesting experience :)
the_gneech (11:09:16 AM): It's over-rated.
jamesbarrett (11:09:36 AM): man, and here I had popcorn and everything
the_gneech (11:09:56 AM): Ya just can't depend on rumors.
jamesbarrett (11:10:06 AM): apparently
the_gneech (11:10:26 AM): Now you know! And knowing is half the battle.

G.I. Jooooeeee!
jamesbarrett (11:10:47 AM): *shakes his head at you*
the_gneech (11:11:01 AM): =:-o
jamesbarrett (11:12:43 AM): I'm having opposite reaction day today; yesterday, I slept like 12 hours. now I can't sleep at all
the_gneech (11:13:20 AM): In that case, up and at 'em!
jamesbarrett (11:13:42 AM): only have 2 or 3 more hours before I start losing sleep
the_gneech (11:14:36 AM): *thinks*

I have no meaningful reply to that statement.
jamesbarrett (11:14:41 AM): yay!
the_gneech (11:14:56 AM): Or that one.
jamesbarrett (11:15:01 AM): woohoo!
the_gneech (11:15:15 AM): This could go on all day.
jamesbarrett (11:15:18 AM): yep
the_gneech (11:15:45 AM): He agreed the 15 PDF files hosted on the HRSA IC website should be taken down until they can be replaced with 508 compliant files (three of the publications/files have been archived). The 12 remaining files have been removed. We have HTML files for two of the publications, we would need to add a HMTL file column on the website. Currently, if we add the URL (to where the HTML file is posted) to the URL field in ICS, the HTML file is listed on the website as a PDF.
jamesbarrett (11:16:15 AM): uh huh ooookay
the_gneech (11:16:35 AM): Hey, if you're going to be nonsensical at me, you're gonna have to compete with my job!
jamesbarrett (11:16:52 AM): awe, man, make it hard for me why don't ya
the_gneech (11:17:13 AM): job: *is undefeated at nonsense*
jamesbarrett (11:17:30 AM): this sucks
the_gneech (11:17:38 AM): *snicker*
jamesbarrett (11:17:49 AM): I'm gonna complain, somewhere out of earshot
the_gneech (11:18:11 AM): job: *does a really bizarre victory dance*
jamesbarrett (11:18:23 AM): =:-o

...and this is just one sample of my day's surreality!

-The Gneech
Party Guy

I Have Been Remiss on Birthdays!

So calling up my list it appears I owe a happy belated birthday to truebluespark, swampy, bauske, and kurst! Sorry about that, fellas. Here's your Forgotten English (© Jeffrey Kacirk):

all Sir Garnet
Going well. A reference to the brilliant military successes of Sir Garnet Wolseley during the Egyptian campaign of the '80s. "How's the war? All Sir Garnet."
--Edwin Radford's Encyclopædia of Phrases and Origins, 1945

Waffling on Napoleon
On this day in 1815, the exiled Napoléon Bonaparte escaped from the Island of Elba to attempt his second conquest of Europe. Edmund Fillingham King's Ten Thousand Wonderful Things (c. 1853) collected a sampling of French newspaper remarks as the general approached Paris during March: "9th--The Cannibal has escaped from his den. 10th--The Corsican ogre has just landed at Cape Juan. 12th--The monster has passed the night at Grenoble. 13th--The tyrant has crossed Lyons. 14th--The usurper is directing his course towards Dijon, but the brave and loyal Burgundians surround him on all sides. 18th--Bonapart is sixty leagues from the capital; he has had skill enough to escape from the hands of his pursuers. 19th--Bonapart advances rapidly, but he will never enter Paris. 21st--His imperial and royal majesty last evening made his entrance into his Palace of the Tuileries, amidst the joyous acclamations of an adoring and faithful people."

Apparently, they had the Iraqi information minister on their payroll.

-The Gneech

Hey, huskyteer!

I got the package, thanks! :D Alas, you sent it to my old addy so it was a bit delayed chasing me across town. I'll definitely check them out!

-The Gneech
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Boot to the Head

Grr! Illustrator is INFURIATING! :E

It selects the random wrong thing when you click on anything! You tell it to apply a fill color and it makes the object not only transparent but moves it three layers down! You drag a handle on a single curve and it resizes and distorts four objects that are totally unrelated to anything you're doing and might not even be in the same damn file!


*pant, pant, pant*

Okay, now I got that out of my system at least. Geeze. But at least I've got the beginnings of a system down. Now from here hopefully it's all practice.

-The Gneech
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