February 29th, 2008


Payday, Revisited

It's payday again!
The world is my friend!
The weather's quite sunny
and I've got some money!
My head says to stow it
my heart says to blow it
I'll split down the middle
and buy me a griddle
Then I'll have pancakes
much more than I can take
I won't be a whiner
I'll start up a diner
Without crispy bacon?
A risk I'd be takin'
The diner might fail
and I'd go to jail
Bankruptcy sucks
there go all my bucks
I'd end up a slob
So I'll keep my job
Say "no" to the griddle
It's not such a riddle
'cause payday's much finer
than owning a diner
Rent's due anyway
thank goodness it's payday
It's sunny so lookout
I'm having a cookout!

-The Gneech