March 14th, 2008

Yoda Hammertime

My First Nintendo

I missed out on the Golden Age of Nintendo -- I was in college at that point and had no money to spend on such things, and by the time I did have money, I sunk it all into PC games.

Mmm, the golden age of PC games... ^.^

Anyway, this past weekend sirfox recommended some of the later Rogue Squadron games as being hella fun ... but those were made for the Gamecube and nothing else. Le sigh!

So today, on a lunchtime whim, I stopped in at Gamestop and asked, "Do you have any used Gamecubes?"

Their reply of "one, for $30, and we'll have to cannibalize some of our displays" suited me fine. I told them to make it so, and selected Rebel Strike (Rogue Squadron III) and Lego Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy), plus an extra (and Wii-compatible for future upgrades) controller. Grand total just over $80, so not too shabby. :) Plus, the Wii can play Gamecube games, so if it some point we do get a Wii, we'll already have some games we can play on it.

Hope I get a chance to give it a test-fly this weekend. :) I could use some blow-it-up fun.

-The Gneech
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Kero asleep

3:14 passed...

...and I did not eat pie.

I was taking a nap. Working from home is cool that way. I wish I could do it more often and without the wrangle.

On the other hand, I can't find my PDA, and I'm kinda upset about that.

So life carries on.

-The Gneech
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