March 15th, 2008

Kero Talkie WTF

Standin' In the Driveway, Talkin'

Our neighbors across the street seem to consider a day wasted if they don't spend it standin' in the driveway, talkin'.

Doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, cloudy or clear -- as long as there isn't actually anything falling from the sky, they're out there. Standin' in the driveway, talkin' at night they consider a bonus, particularly if they can turn on their car engines and crank up the radio.

They don't turn on their car engines and crank up the radio during the day, mind you. Just at night. During the day, they just stand there. Talkin'.

I'd think there was a spousal mandate against smoking in the house so they come out to do that ... except they're not smoking. Nor are they drinking, playing ball or frisbee, or even mucking around on skateboards. They're just standin' in the driveway, talkin'. A lot.

Sometimes they bring guests over and the whole bunch of them stand in the driveway, talkin'. But most of the time it's just the two of them. For hours on end.

I don't get it.

-The Gneech