March 28th, 2008

Party Guy

A Bazillion Birthdays!

Well, despite my New Year's Resolution, I've still been sucking re: birthdays. I've got nothing to say 'cept "my bad."

So! Happy belated birthdays to:

gamescribe, cmdr_kitsune, syke, smrgol_t_kirin, poppyokapi, makovette, jonasbagel, tchall, galish, yippee, cargoweasel, carlfox, teirandragon, mouseferatu, and trejaan!

For your present, hope you don't mind sharing today's Forgotten English (© Jeffrey Kacirk):

Unstable; changeable.
--W.E.T. Morgan's Radnorshire Words, 1881

Death of Richard Chenevix Trench (1807-1886),
Irish-born linguist whose vision of consolidating English dictionaries and glossaries helped form today's Oxford English Dictionary. His Select Glossary of English Words Used Formerly in Senses Different from Their Present (1859) offered many specimens of words that have changed over time. For example, he described the old usage of womb as formerly being "ascribed to both sexes." Likewise bawd "could have been applied to pander and pandress alike," while concubine once also included the "male paramour." Artificial meant something "which was wrought, according to the principles of art," and corpse referred to "the body of the living equally as of the dead." Trench wrote that at one time the term common sense indicated a sort of sensual concurrence, or "a sense which has the common bond of them all, and which passed its verdicts on the reports which they severally made to it." More examples of Trench's English retrospective may be found at

Not above a little self-pluggery, eh Jeffrey? ;)

For the record, "sensual concurrence" is not like "sexual healing."

-The Gneech
Trek Shuttlecraft

Ask the Man Who Knows

So I went into the neurologist appointment, and after the customary "you will wait half an hour past the appointment time just so it's clear who's boss" wait that every doctor in existence does, I finally was let into his office and talked to him.

He listened to my brief run-down of symptoms, looked at my MRI results, tested my reflexes and muscle strength, and said, "Oh, that's easy, you've got meralgia paresthetica." The reason is didn't show up on the MRI is that the nerve is being pinched where it comes out of the pelvis, not where it comes out of the spine. He also said that my doctor did all of the preliminary steps that the neurologist would have done himself (MRI etc.), and was on the right track with the Lyrica, but that being a "primary care" guy, he just didn't have the specialized knowledge to know "diamond-shaped area on my upper thigh" = "meralgia paresthetica."

So I've been given a prescription for one of Lyrica's gentler cousins which should hopefully let me sleep without giving me anxiety attacks. The good news is that this is a condition which responds to treatment and doesn't generally indicate more serious stuff. The neurologist said I should get re-checked for diabetes just in case, and it has been almost a year since I got the battery of tests so I probably will before too long.

He said, "Your search is over, you've got an answer now." :) So hopefully that means the rest will be easy!

-The Gneech
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