April 1st, 2008

Alex Spaz

Soup Sandwich

Do you suppose all the people who post about how much they hate April Fools Day posts, are only fooling?

-Hempwinkle Murgatroyd
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Keitaro Holy Crap

Actual Non-April-Foolsey Stuff

I'm on the new nerve medication now (Gabapentin I believe it is), which supposedly has fewer side effects ... but anxiety and depression are still among the likely suspects, so I'm trying to keep an eye on my mood. I am noticeably down right now, but that could just as easily be from being tired and stressed as any medication. :P

Anyway, if I seem high-strung (or emo, or strange in some way outside my usual strangeness in general) to anyone, please let me know. Meanwhile, off to bed. G'nite everybody!

-The Gneech