April 20th, 2008

Alex Spaz

Been a Busy Morning Already

At 8:00 this morning we were at Petsmart getting Buddha his 2nd annual lion cut. This one didn't go as well as the first one -- the groomer [1] seemed on edge and not terribly enthused about dealing with cats generally. In any case, we left 2/3 of Buddha back at Petsmart, and brought home the living bits. He's somewhat discombobulated and vaguely-uncomfortable now (especially compared to the way he was happily tearing around the house after the last lion cut), but hopefully now he won't be getting any more hairballs.

In other news, since the journal facelift post the other days, I've been periodically going back and rereading+tagging my older LJ entries when I wasn't working on the house or whatever. I've almost gotten through 2002 now, and it's been an interesting journey back in time. I'd forgotten just how rough a year 2002 was for me, and for laurie_robey, and just how much better things are now by comparison. (Starbucks. *shiver* Three months of pure physical torture.)

Plus, y'know, we've got Buddha now, and he makes everything better. :)

-The Gneech

[1] laurie_robey thinks it was a different woman; I think it was the same woman but changed by the rigors of 2007.
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