May 6th, 2008

Vote Six

Doin' Our Civic Duty

The Herndon mayoral/town council elections are today. We've made national news in local elections, thanks to the current administration's war on day laborers ("Herndon: It isn't nice of you to call us bigots just because we hate Mexicans."), so this election, even though it encompasses an area roughly five miles across, has got news cameras and reporters crawling all over it. laurie_robey and I were buttonholed by a plucky young reporter from The Washington Post on our way out and given a very brief interview, so we may or may not end up in the paper expounding on our dissatisfaction with the powers that be.

So, we'll see how it goes. All the people who are annoyed that Herndon doesn't look like a Norman Rockwell painting any more are out in force supporting the incumbents, but there seem to be just as many people out who are annoyed that the situation was so bungled. For myself, I'm certainly not real keen on illegal immigration, but if the matter was as simplistic as "day laborers = illegal immigrants," then the right answer would have been to round up the day laborers and deport them. Since they didn't do that, then it seems pretty obvious that "day laborers =/= illegal immigrants," and therefore the real problem Herndon has is institutional racism.

-The Gneech