June 3rd, 2008

It Stinks

Fundamental Plot Failure

The first 2/3 of The Lost Crown were good enough that I felt compelled to stay up until the Whee! hours of the morning finishing it last night ... unfortunately right around the 2/3 mark is apparently when the plot starts to go all wobbly, and works out something like this:

Collapse )

Um, yeah. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the spooky atmosphere and the puzzle solving and all that — but after all the Portentous Hinting going on, I expected a better payoff. Or at least, some kind of payoff. Unfortunately, I was left at the end feeling like the writer was bouncing around and snickering, "I've got a secret! I've got a secret!" There are hints about the town being unstuck in time, or possibly it's the protagonist, there are suggestions that Saxton may somehow be a virtual or parallel world or maybe exist somehow inside a photograph (several of the locations have what appear to be "damage to the negative" superimposed on the screen), and so on — but there's nothing definite to hang it on, which gets very tiresome after a while.

There are also at least two major un-busted ghosts at the end and I never did get to go back to Nonexistent Farmhouse to see what was there, leaving me with a nagging sense of a job left unfinished. Dangnabbit!

So, yeah, fun game while the plates are spinning, but short on rhyme or reason at the end.

-The Gneech