June 9th, 2008

Kero Power Tie

Cymbalta, Week 2

Started on the full dose last night after a week of taking a half-dose. It hasn't completely removed the leg pain, but it has blunted it noticeably. I'm very pleased to say that the brain-fog effects of the Gabapentin are gone. Not only am I back to what passes for normal in my thought processes, I'm much more energetic and alert. I didn't realize just how very groggy the Gabapentin was making me until I was off of it and could feel the difference. I spent the six weeks I was on that stuff constantly exhausted and just on the edge of passing out — which is no doubt why I was slurring my speech, dropping stuff, and being generally brain-dead.

So thank goodness that's over! Definitely on the right track.

-The Gneech
Jeeves Very Good

Well That Was Cool :)

I sent off an e-mail to Jonathan Boakes (of Dark Fall/The Lost Crown fame), asking him to clear up a few lingering points of confusion I had about the latter title, and he was kind enough to respond with not only answers, but some insights into the deeper thinking behind the game and a few nifty bits that I had missed. It's abundantly clear that he puts a lot of thought and work into these games to make them actual works of art instead of "just a product," so to speak, and I admire that.

He also apparently read my LJ entries about The Lost Crown, so I hope they didn't come off as too harsh. ;) After all, if I didn't like it, I wouldn't put so much time and effort into commenting on it!

-The Gneech