June 18th, 2008

Conan Civilization Sucks

Too Busy to Post This

Work is all up in my face this week, so I haven't had time to post about gaming last Saturday, my interesting Father's Day, or anything of that sort. However, because it's worth noting, I do want to point at seankreynolds's post about the 4E not-really-open license. I'm going to quote the whole post here for reference, Collapse )

In a nutshell, you can use the GSL to write adventure modules and possibly splats or monster books for D&D — and nothing else. Of course, the theoretical intent of the original 3E OGL was that people would write adventures so WotC didn't have to, on the reasoning that adventures don't make enough money to be worth it for them, but then people (including WotC themselves) started using the d20 system to write things like Conan, SpyCraft, Mutants and Masterminds, and so on. That was a side-effect that some at WotC saw as a bug and others saw as a feature, but all agreed was a Big Deal in the world of gaming. Despite the best attempts by Rolemaster, HERO, GURPS, and others, there had never come so close to being One True Game System before OGL d20, where if you knew how to play one version, you knew enough about it to quickly get up to speed in all the others. Some at WotC saw this as a great way to sell Players Handbooks; others saw this as giving away the store.

So now, WotC has given all that the finger. I can't imagine that anyone who's paid attention to their behavior since 2007 can possibly be surprised by this move — if their plans had been anything but this, they wouldn't have taken so long to make the announcement once they were publicly committed to having some kind of licensing arrangement.

Net result? Meh. Just another reason to support Paizo. If we're lucky, it will mean a resurgence of "non-Wizards, non-d20" games making waves in the community. (GUMSHOE looks pretty cool, for instance, and I know a lot of people are very into Savage Worlds.) I admit, I'm not sure what my own long-term strategy will be, but frankly at this stage it doesn't look like D&D will be in them much longer, except possibly as a player if somebody else in the group runs.

-The Gneech