July 6th, 2008

Taishi Conquest

Art Weirdness

Friday's Dover & Comfort pic, while I was pleased with the final result, was a long journey of weirdness and frustration.

Penciling and inking were easy enough. Fortunately, I had the foresight to scan just the inks so I could color it digitally if need be. But my intention had been to color it with the markers for practice, since I was home Friday and had some time to work on it.

I inked it with my usual Micron Pigmas, which are supposed to be waterproof and archival quality. I let the ink dry for an hour or two, then started to color. My first hint of trouble was when I was working with the green for the grass and my signature smeared. None of the other lines had given me trouble, and since I'd signed it last, I figured the signature just hadn't quite dried yet.

Then came the yellow. I was coloring the base layer for Comfort and Dover's fur, which is the same color, and the bifurcation line down Comfort's lip went SPLORRGCHH, giving her a big black smudge under her nose that made her look like Charlie Chaplain. I spat out a few choice expletives, decided to fix that "post-production" in Photoshop, and went on to Dover.

Dover, who is covered with spots.

Lots and lots of spots.

Every one of which smeared.

I was halfway done with one arm when I gave up. There was no way to salvage the piece at this stage. It's still sitting on my light table, looking sad and forlorn. I went back to my scan of the inks, and colored it on the computer with the Wacom tablet.

I don't mind saying, this frustrated me a bit. In the past, I've tried coloring the pencils and then inking over that, which works to some extent but is awkward. Should I have let the inks dry overnight? Would it have made a difference? Some people scan the inks then print those onto bristol and color that. But it seems to me I should be able to color the original. I've seen other people do it! How do they pull it off?

In Other News...
Also art-related, I discovered much to my surprise on Friday that I have an Artspots Gallery. Given that my application for one was declined, I'm a little surprised by this. My first guess is that the powers that be over there have decided to consolidate Artspots and Jaxpad — I can't really imagine they went back over my application later and said, "Nah, let him in, it's cool." I haven't bothered to reapply because I haven't done enough new art that I thought was good enough to apply with. If my perspective needed work before, surely it still does now.

Oh, also, the only comments on Artspots/Jaxpad about the pic? "She isn't wearing pants!" Le sigh. ;P

-The Gneech