July 31st, 2008


Good News/Bad News

The Good News: Uncanny Midnight Tales is now ready to run. There's a setting sourcebook about Madison on the website (satyrblade, you'd probably get a kick out of it) and the GM sourcebook and first adventure are completely written (but not yet formatted or posted).

The Bad News: I don't want to start actually running Uncanny Midnight Tales until we finish with Red Hand of Doom, which right now looks like September at the earliest unless we just drop it where it is, and I'm gonna cry.

Anyway, my players, if you want to start brewing up some character ideas, feel free to download the stuff at the website and ponder it. :) I'll provide printed copies once we're closer to actually starting, and I expect the first session will probably be mostly devoted to character creation and party-building.

-The Gneech