September 23rd, 2008

Obi-Wan Not Good

Stoopid Marketing Blitz

I've been waiting for the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide to appear at Barnes & Noble for a month now. They finally get some new SWSE in, and what is it? Force friggin' Unleashed.


FWIW, I looked through it since it was there and so was I; other than the new species options, the book wasn't all that interesting. Not as full of dumb as the video game, thank goodness, but nothing to write home about either. Some Clone Wars-era source material, if that's your bag.

Oh well, looks like it's off to Game Parlor for me!

-The Gneech
Kero Magic Whupass

Big News About a Little Kitty

The cherry in Buddha's eye (actually a gland attached to his inner eyelid) has been squooched back in where it's supposed to be! Although the kitty ophthalmologist was bearish on its chances of staying there, she said that this approach was worth a try to avoid surgery. Now we wait and see how it goes.

More details (and pictures) are in laurie_robey's LJ, here!

We're very pleased. And so is he!

-The Gneech