October 13th, 2008


You Kids Get Off My Lawn!

Thanks all for the birthday wishes! ^.^ graveyard_greg even gave me some Forgotten English, which is always welcome. ;)

So here I am, officially the same age as Jack Benny, contemplating the state of my life at what I'm going to have to admit is something like middle age. It's weird how some people have a "natural age." sirfox, for instance, says that he was born a crotchetey old man and that his body just hasn't caught up with him yet. (That's as may be, but he's remarkably open-minded for a crotchety old man as far as I can tell.)

For myself, ever since I was 24 or so, I've thought of myself as being "around 30," and when somebody asks me how old I am, I have to stop and think about how not-really-around-30 I am. I've got the classic round Anglo-Celtic face and am generally one of those people who reaches "middle age" in their 20s and stays there until they're 75. My dad is like that, as is my aunt (his sister), and my own sister. My brother, not so much, but he's had a bit of a rough life by comparison.

Point is, date of birth says I'm 39 ... how did I get here so fast? I remember when I was kid the idea of being 25 seemed like it would take forever. Aside from the occasional white whisker plucked from my beard and a bald spot on the back of my head which I wouldn't be aware of except for the occasional ribbing from somebody, the only physical indicator I would have that I'm not quite as "around 30" as I think of myself as being is a handful of medical symptoms which are not so much in themselves but are starting to build up. Asthma, which snuck up on me sometime in my early 30s. Blood pressure creeping upward. Cholesterol creeping upward. A general tendency to get tired a bit more quickly than I used to.

On the other hand, I do find myself more often than I used to getting blank stares from the people around me when I make some pop-culture reference that hasn't actually been pop culture for ages. How many of you out there in LJ-land get the significance of everything in the following paragraph?

"It's the Rip Taylor / Paul Lynde Comedy Special! With guest stars Henry Gibson! Vicki Lawrence! Shields and Yarnell! Musical guests Andy Williams! And the Captain and Tennille!"

In 1976, that would have been as contemporary as Ceiling Cat watching you play Portal. For that matter, in 1976, that may have actually been on television for all I know!

Really, that's the only thing that makes me "aware of my age," in as much as I am aware of it -- encountering people who have no idea who Mr. Bill is, or getting fan mail from people who were born during the first Bush administration, or talking to someone who thinks of Dirty Dancing as a great old classic.

But even that's not really a big deal. My sense of humor is sometimes so obscure that people exactly my age will look at me and go, "Buh?" when I make some bizarre joke. By this time, I'd better be used to blank stares, or I'll never be!

Anyway, thanks, all. :) I can't properly express how much it means to have people thinkin' of me.

-The Gneech