October 16th, 2008

Legolas silhouette

Hmm ... to Buy or Not to Buy...

There's a pay update coming out for Lord of the Rings Online, which adds Moria to the game. As a lifetime subscriber, I get some variety of special deal on a pre-order, but I haven't yet worked out exactly what the deal is.

Thing is, aside from a little noodling around this week to scratch the "Wanna be a player!" itch, I haven't actually done anything with LotRO since January or so ... when I have too many errands to run in real life, I don't exactly feel like collecting virtual wolf pelts in a fantasy world, knowwhutImean?

I guess I'll have to see what the pricing actually turns out to be. I'm certainly not going to shell out another $200 for a second "lifetime" membership just to add Moria and +10 levels. But if it's a reasonable price, I might. For when I want to noodle around with balrogs. ;P

-The Gneech

Who Wants a Free TV? :)

laurie_robey and I have a bunch of stuff we want to get rid of, as it's taking up space in the garage that we require for other purposes. (Specifically, storing my car!) So if anybody in NoVA/DC or the surrounding area wants to come and get it, we have some pretty nifty stuff going for the low, low price of FREE!

  • One TV, something like 32", color, about five years old, with remote. Picture getting a little wonky around the edges but still works.

  • One hutch-style entertainment center, about 6' x 6', previously used to hold said TV.

  • One very beat up old desk that we inherited from somebody else. It might be a valuable antique, it might be junk; we aren't savvy enough about furniture to know. It's certainly been well-used.

  • Several sets of white venetian blinds with all the hardware.

  • One set of 4'-longish custom wooden venetian blinds in a beautiful wine red, which I love but which no longer fits in the window.

  • Two 65"-tall (IIRC) bookshelves.

Any of these items that are still in our garage by this time next week are gonna be donated to Goodwill or some other such institution, so if you want any of it, let me know ASAP. As I say, it's all free, but you have to come get it!

-The Gneech

PS: I will post exact dimensions and other corrections later on, when I have the information available.