October 25th, 2008

Boromir battle

The Battle of Brindol -- Victory!

Well, it was a loooooong night for the party, and three sessions of gaming/four weeks of real time for the gaming group, but the penultimate chapter of Red Hand of Doom has finished, with the heroes victorious and the Red Hand Horde routed!

Collapse ) I was pleased that there were plenty of "That was me! I did that!" moments to go around to various players with the Victory Point allocation, and the players seemed to gain a lot of satisfaction from seeing direct evidence of how their actions carried the day. I forget the final tally, but it was solidly in the 50s, while they only actually needed 40 to achieve victory. Well done, comrades!

They day after the battle, after as many slain clerics, comrades-in-arms, animal companions, and so forth had been raised by the Temple of Pelor as possible, the PCs were reunited with a familiar face, or at least semi-familiar, in the form of Miha, the turncoat who caused them so much trouble at the beginning of the battle. She'd been captured somewhere along the way and thrown into a magic-disrupting dungeon cell, and wanted to parley only with the PCs (who, in her words, would be "the only people in Brindol who would think of her as anything other than a monster"). She offered to relay very important information about the activities of Azarr Kul and the true motives of the Red Hand in exchange for guaranteed safe passage out of Elsir Vale and 500 gp. There was a lot of grumblings and a few "Can't we just kill her a little bit?"s, but they finally arranged for the casting of zone of truth so everyone could negotiate in good faith.

If you've played Red Hand of Doom, no doubt you know what information Miha revealed. If not ... you'll just have to wait 'til next time to find out!

But next week — a Halloween Call of Cthulhu one-shot!

-The Gneech