November 3rd, 2008

Kero Magic Whupass

Our Long National Nightmare is Over! (For Now)

It's such an incredible relief to be OFF of daylight savings crime; words can't properly describe it.

For all the reasons to be glad this administration is finally coming to an end ... erosion of civil liberties, a firm belief that "It's only evil when they do it!", severe damage to our international reputation even among nations we're normally very pally with, the "Patriot Act," and bloating the government as bad as any "tax-and-spend liberal," if I'm going to truly be honest with myself I have to admit that the thing I'm going to hate Bush for, is that he extended DST.


BUT! It's over now, and I'm ready to dance! :D

-The Gneech
Vote Six

Speaking of Politics...

This meme's been going around for a bit; I presume it was prompted by California's infamous "prop 8," but hey, it applies everywhere else...

"Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by those who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow."

Other than forcing me to buy more toasters, I can't imagine how gay marriage could possibly hurt me.

-The Gneech

Things That Go Bump In the Night (Part One)

Saturday night, as a combination fill-in game and Halloween event, I ran the first session of a Call of Cthulhu adventure. hantamouse couldn't make it, but laurie_robey, jamesbarrett, and sirfox were on hand; I handed out pregenerated investigators and ran "The Haunting," the CoC rulebook's sample adventure for every edition since the first, downloadable from the Chaosium website.

The basic premise is that in 1925, a Boston lawyer by the name of Arthur Pickman (a junior partner in the law firm of Hermitage, Pickman, and Lovejoy) has been tasked with selling off a local property ("the Corbitt House") as part of settling an estate, but the house has such a reputation for being "haunted" that it won't sell. So he brings in various investigative experts for the weekend with the task of "de-ghosting" the house so he can put the stories to rest.

Naturally, this being Call of Cthulhu, it doesn't turn out that way.

sirfox played Pickman; jamesbarrett played Sherman Bath, a local pulp horror writer and occult expert; laurie_robey played Dr. Erica Jurgens, one of three women in New England to be a licensed psychologist. (The other two pregenerated characters, an Arkham University professor and a private eye respectively, didn't get chosen, but they may make an appearance yet. More on that later!)

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At this point, having done all the research they cared to for a while, they headed over to the Corbitt House to actually go in and examine the place. What happened there will be described in my next entry on the topic.

-The Gneech