November 12th, 2008

Vote Six

OBAMA TO KILL KITTENS, e-mail asserts

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This reporter has received shocking information via e-mail
that references in Barack Obama's acceptance speech to "bringing a puppy to the
White House" reveals a secret agenda to kill kittens. "If you LOVE KITTENS," the
e-mail urges, "you must ACT NOW before they're ROUNDED UP AND SLAUGHTERED." It
goes on to quote Kentucky state legislator 'Scruff' E. Peuch (R): "I'm not
trying to compare Obama to Hitler or anything, but it's a matter of historical
record that during the early days of the Third Reich, puppies were very popular
all over Germany. And we all know what that meant for German kittens. I'm just

This comes on the heels of an urgent e-mail from the same source marveling at
the idea that 52% of Americans actually hate America and want to destroy freedom
and prosperity and urging readers to go out and buy guns while you still can.