November 26th, 2008


Randomly Collected

From spikedpunch (I think): National Geographic — Alien-like Squid With "Elbows" Filmed at Drilling Site
Boom de-ya-da, boom de-ya-da, boom de-ya-da, boom de-ya-da...

From bearblue: WKRP In Cincinnati — "Turkeys Away!"
The horror ... the horror!

And ... I forget who I got this from now. My first guess would be gamera_spinning: The 45 Coolest Moments in Doctor Who History
They left out the "five regenerations in ten minutes" sequence from "Curse of the Fatal Death"...

-The Gneech
Six Million Dollar Man

Well That Was Fun

After however many years of fire drills, we had an Actual Real Fire this time. The ground floor of the building is now flooded and the fire engines are packing up to leave.

As one of the company's "Deputy Fire Marshals," it's my job to go around kicking everybody out. During a drill, this is like pulling teeth; everyone wants to stay on the phone or keep typing away. But as soon as I say the magic words "Real fire, let's go!" people turn very pale and jump like jackalopes.

It's also my job to stay with anybody who can't get out for whatever reason (such as being wheelchair bound) and make sure the emergency guys get to us. Fortunately, a) nobody had this problem today, and b) the fire was very small and completely out by the time the suite was evacuated anyway. But we do have at least one person who physically cannot take the stairs, so if they had been in today, I would have had to attend to them.

Civic duty: I does mine.

-The Gneech