December 23rd, 2008

Legolas silhouette

Elf Retirement

I hate to say this, but at 56th level, Galadhalion is pitiful. Just pitiful. :( He can't even get across Angmar. I tried to take him to the settlement where the Rift instance is, to talk to the NPC and complete the "Into the Rift" quest from Elrond, and I just couldn't get there. I was running in Ardour with a heavy shield in order to make him more durable than his All-Fervour days, but in the end it made no difference. Dead. Rezzed at that friggin' dwarf camp on top of a mountain. AGAIN.

So ... very ... frustrated... /cry

So I went to the Trollshaws to finish my exploratory deed there, figuring that safely out of combat I might be able to achieve something. Well, thanks to being surrounded by all grey mobs, he did at least stay alive. But I couldn't find any of the needed locations, either. After two hours of accomplishing absolutely nothing, I gave up and switched to Maedhroc, my 20th level warden.

With him I finished three quests, two deeds, crafted laurie_robey's character some nice armor and himself a new cloak. In about an hour and a half.

Is it any wonder I keep wanting to play the warden instead?

-The Gneech